Chasing Sunshine

At times, we are so busy chasing sunshine, that we forget what it feels like to raise our faces to the drizzle, what it feels like for the breeze to caress our skin, what it feels like for the snowflakes to gently fall about us…At times, we are too busy chasing sunshine to know what we are missing out on.

Feelings and Reality

I need to remind myself everyday that what I’m feeling is not what’s happening. What’s happening is probably very small and my feelings are huge. What’s happening is like the broken patch on the wall and what I’m feeling is, perhaps, like the vines. When I let the feelings recede, I will see the broken patch clearly and deal with it. And the feelings will recede only if I live through them.


It’s so hard to sit by yourself and do nothing. The noise in your head is so loud, everyone around you is racing to somewhere and there is a definition of success. Can you listen to your own voice over the noise? Why are you sitting? Wouldn’t you be left behind? Don’t you need more money? Does everyone think that you are slacking? I wish we all knew how to sit by ourselves, doing nothing, at times. And still not worry about the race. And not think about money and success. I wish we all knew how to find peace, by ourselves.

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