Your Pain Is Not My Pain

Your pain isn’t my pain. Because what hurts you a little bit, may be a whole lot worse for me. And what kills you, I might not blink my eyes at. We are all wired differently, and all respond differently. The only thing that we all respond well to – is kindness. Scale Credits WongContinue reading “Your Pain Is Not My Pain”

With You, Beside You

You may be a busy person. You may not have the time for meeting that person for whom you are special. Or they may not be special for you. But have your special set of people who walk with you, even when they walk apart. A sibling, your spouse, your parents, a friend, someone, anyone.Continue reading “With You, Beside You”

Your Own Lighthouse

This one is a fabricated little story. There was a beautiful “lighthouse” that guided the ships when there were storms in the sea. There was a family – far, far away from the lighthouse. They didn’t live by the sea, but by a little lake. The lake didn’t have a lighthouse but the family neededContinue reading “Your Own Lighthouse”

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