Your Own Lighthouse

This one is a fabricated little story. There was a beautiful “lighthouse” that guided the ships when there were storms in the sea. There was a family – far, far away from the lighthouse. They didn’t live by the sea, but by a little lake. The lake didn’t have a lighthouse but the family needed help to get their boat back to the shore on some rough nights. They didn’t sit back and cry over the fact that they didn’t have a lighthouse to help. They didn’t curse fates or blame anyone. They built their own little lighthouse.

I’ll stay alive

I promise I will stay alive, till I die. No matter what dies around me. No matter if all turns to dust around me. No matter if all I’m left with is ashes. I promise I will stay alive, till I die.


Have you ever sat in a window seat, looked out at the lights fading away fast and cried at what you are leaving behind – parents, kids, a loved one? And then wiped away those tears -embarrassed – thinking you don’t want anyone to see you? Do not be ashamed for being human and having a heart and a soul. That’s the most beautiful thing you have.

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