When We Were Little

I remember when I was little, I wasn’t scared of doing anything. Especially, the things that I wasn’t supposed to do – I would do, for sure. I’ve jumped off rooftops, climbed trees, touched a hedgehog, slapped my little brother when he was asleep (ok that was just self defense 😉 ), stolen pickles when Mom wasn’t watching, and the list is endless. And then I grew up. And stopped doing all that I wanted to do and started doing all that I was expected to do. At times, no one but I’m expecting myself to behave and act in a certain way. And as I get older, I realized I’ve been doing it all wrong the last few years (ok, at least 2 decades). I am going back to being what I was. I’m doing all that I want to do again. I’m putting on those skates and then I’ll figure how to slice that ice, I’ll run and learn how not to fall, I’ll swim and learn how not to drown, I’ll sing and learn how to do it better. I will do it all, again!

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